• Integration with Google

    We have a special relationship with the search giant, allowing us to offer integrated email accounts, and use of all the other Google apps, to your staff - and students too if you like.

  • Close support

    We don't just provide a piece of technology. We're with you every step of the way with advice on how to get the most out of the site - everything from fast email or phone responses to on-site support and training.

  • Your school website - up-to-date

    Because we provide the means to publish a public website too, you save money and your staff only have to learn one publishing system, and login.

    And your website will get updated regularly.

  • Apps a-plenty

    We've partnered with some of the coolest online education apps out there and given you access from inside the platform.

  • Connect with parents

    Keeping in touch with parents can be tough, so you can allow parents to log in and see what's happening at your school.

    If your child is currently a member you can apply for a parent login.

  • Online marking

    No-one likes waiting to find out their test scores, so we've integrated an assignment system into our platform.

    Now students find out how they've done much quicker, and with our markbook can track their progress over the term.

  • Collaborative learning

    Pupils can discuss lessons and homework online in a safe environment. With help from their friends, learning becomes less daunting and more explorative.

  • You keep control

    All aspects of our platform have multiple levels of control allowing you to keep everything as open or as controlled as you want.

Some of our users

  • Churchill
  • George Stephenson
  • Marden
  • Norham
  • Southridge
  • Burradon
  • Stephenson Memorial

What our users think

- Paul Murray,
Head of Geography
at Marden High School

Marden High School Geography Dept is working with Year 9 students on the theme of Tectonics, making use of Platform based lessons. The resources are producing a very positive response from students who enjoy the ICT based opportunities far more than simply using a textbook based approach.

Positive reinforcement of key knowledge and skills is easily achieved by using the wide range of relevant and up to date exemplars available via the Internet. They enjoy this style of work and they learn almost without knowing they are actually working quite hard on a topic"

- Lynne Kay,
Curriculum Leader, MFL
at George Stephenson High School

The Platform has certainly helped to transform the learning of my Y10 & 11 GCSE students. In terms of encouraging student independence, and a more inclusive and flexible experience, I think it’s great how they now have access to the whole GCSE course from home, including the differentiated course books, all the audio & video activities, self-assessments, glossaries & many other resources, such as home learning activities.

Many of my Y11s said they found the platform particularly useful in helping them to prepare and revise for their recent trial exams, especially the assessments section for listening. Also very useful was how we could do follow up activities to their recent CLC visit, by accessing the Platform.

It is a quick and easy way for me as Headteacher to disseminate any school documentation quickly and safely

- Kath Morris, Head teacher
at Southridge First School

We have practically eliminated paper based communications within the organisation. We can specify groups of staff to communicate with and alter these as our needs change.

- David Baldwin, Head teacher
at Churchill Community College

We have been doing a lot of work with G&T/high ability year nine students in the History Department. They have been analysing historical sources on Google Docs. By collaborating in groups and using chat, they have worked on the same document to support each other, completing GCSE-level analysis.

- Jenna Parry, History teacher
at Norham Community Technology College