What we do

We help schools take the next leap with learning. We provide an online area where teachers and students can interact, creating compelling course areas where learning becomes

The Learning Platform is a site where all the content is produced by staff and students from schools, colleges and other learning providers in North Tyneside. If you've heard of the terms MLE (Managed Learning Environment), VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) or Learning Platform then any of those apply to the Learning Platform.

We make it easy for staff and students to collaborate and learn using either their own material or those from our partners

This makes it really easy to produce:

  • School news
  • Homework
  • Revision aids
  • Content for many different types of learning styles
  • Best practice help for teachers

The best add-ons

We grab the best of all the available education software and make it available from the Learning Platform.

  • Espresso
  • Pedagogue
  • SAM Learning
  • 2Simple
  • ClipBank
  • Audio Network
  • British Pathe News


The Learning Platform is funded by the schools and North Tyneside Council.